Riding School

This program is designed to put each horse and rider on their individual path to success.

Country Lane Farm’s successful Training program is offered 7 days a week. Lessons are based around building confidence and an appropriate, solid foundation. We teach children and adults of any skill level, from beginner to advanced.

For the serious equestrian, riding with Country Lane is all about ensuring the rider has correct basics and fundamentals which they will then build on and will allow the rider to progress the correct way. Our students consistently bring home championships and to ribbons at rated and unrated horse shows. Our riders also display incredible horsemanship and are able to ride strongly, consistently, and confidently in the ring – at home or off-property.

Country Lane Farm offers private, semi-private or group lessons if several riders go well together and are at the same skill level. Regardless of whether the lesson is private or semi-private, the quality of the lesson is not sacrificed.

Premier training and instruction for horse owners of all ages and skill levels.

Evaluation Lesson

Your first lesson at Country Lane Farm will be a Evaluation Lesson. This lesson is an opportunity to introduce you to our program and allow us to assess your current skill level. Afterward, we will discuss your goals in order to develop a program to best suit your needs. The Evaluation Lesson is $90.00.

What will you need on your first day? You should wear long pants and a boot with a low heel. We have riding helmets available but you are welcome to bring your own if it is an ATSM/SEI approved helmet.

Please arrive at your lesson start time. We ask you to please advise us of any physical limitations that may affect your ability to ride.

Please give a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel a lesson. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 604-880-8687.

Riding School

Our Riding School is the beginning program for riders with limited or no Hunter, Jumper or Equitation experience. It is also a good place for riders to transition from pleasure riding to competing in schooling shows. Riders generally begin lessons riding one Country Lane’s school horses or ponies, in private or semi-private lessons. We will assess rider level and readiness to ensure safety and fit with the program level.

Country Lane Riding School Lesson Options

A 20 minute starter walk/trot lesson for ages 4 to 6. Kids will play games, have fun and get comfortable on and off our horses and ponies.

A walk/trot class designed for young riders that are just beginning, or have moved up from Tiny Tot’s. The focus is on improving their riding skills as they develop the muscle and balance required to handle a small horse or pony. Students will learn basic terminology used in horsemanship. Riders will learn how to tack up and untack their horses. This is a 1 hour lesson with tack up and untack with a maximum of 4 riders.

In this lesson riders will continue to learn control at the walk and trot. They will be introduced to the Canter. They will work on upward and downward transitions. Students will continue to practise control at the canter, be introduced to cantering as a group and will learn about leads at the canter. Riders will learn new elements of horsemanship. This is a 1 hour lesson with tack up and untack with a maximum of 4 riders.

Students will learn to ride straight lines, use their arena, and square their corners in order to beautifully execute a full course of crossrails. Flying lead changes will be introduced. Riders will review and learn new elements of horsemanship. This is a 1 hour lesson with tack up and untack with a maximum of 4 riders.

In this class, students will continue to use their skills and improve their riding ability. They will work over higher jumps that will consist of verticals, bending lines and rollbacks. This is a 1 hour lesson with tack up and untack with a maximum of 4 riders.

At this level, students will surely take great pride in their success. Riders can look forward to learning more technical manoeuvres and riding more challenging horses while continuing to grow in their chosen sport. This is a 1 hour lesson with tack up and untack with a maximum of 4 riders.

Making the transition to our competition program

The next step for riders interested in getting more serious about training and beginning to compete.  Rider is expected to lease or purchase a horse, participate in three to four lessons per week, and participate in local show competitions.

While you are on the road to horse ownership, or simply exploring options, we can help match you with a horse that will keep you riding and in the show ring.

For those interested in a little more than just lessons, Country Lane Farm offers leasing and has several quality, safe horses for lease for various skill levels.