Training Program and Show Stables

Country Lane Farm’s training program focuses on hunter, jumper and equitation. We offer lessons from beginner to advanced competitive riders. Our horses and riders are consistently in the top ribbons at “A” shows.

Country Lane offers a tailored training program that best suits each horse and rider’s ambitions.

Our program is designed to put each horse and rider on their individual path to success.

Country Lane Farm’s successful Training program is offered 6 days a week. Lessons are “tailor made” to each horse and rider. Lessons are based around building confidence and an appropriate, solid foundation. We teach children and adults of any skill level, from beginner to advanced.

For the serious equestrian, riding with Country Lane is all about ensuring the rider has correct basics and fundamentals which she will then build on and which will allow the rider to progress the correct way. Our students consistently bring home championships at rated horse shows..

Country Lane Farm offers private or semi-private or group lessons if several riders go well together and are at the same skill level. Regardless of whether the lesson is private or semi-private, the quality of the lesson is not sacrificed.

Country Lane Farm’s challenging curriculum directly promotes and develops individual excellence as an equestrian, ultimately creating a skilled rider in any arena – hunter, jumper and equitation. Our horses are highly successful in horse shows through out BC, the Pacific Northwest, and California “A” circuit.

Country Lane Farm offers show programs for all budgets and schedules. We pay attention to every detail and make your showing experience fun and stress free. Our students are consistently in the top ribbons at “A” rated shows and winners of year-end BC Hunter Jumper Association awards. Goals for both horse and rider are discussed and the appropriated show schedule is planned accordingly.

Show Stables Program

Show Horse Development

Country Lane Farm specializes in bringing a horse to its full potential.  Our approach with horses and students in training is meticulous.

We take pride in developing young hunters and jumpers to their full potential. Our horses go on to win in the professional and Junior/amateur divisions at the top rated shows. We have professional riders with extensive experience in top level hunters and jumpers as well as the finesse and patience needed with young horses.

Owners with young horses in need of development, horses to be prepared for sale and juniors and amateurs looking to be competitive at shows the are encouraged to contact Channay at 604-880-8867.

Horse Shows

Country Lane Farm caters to clients wishing to compete at the top British Columbia ‘A’ circuit horse shows. We attend approximately 10 shows in the summer season, and 2 weeks on the HITS Coachella circuit during the winter. Channay is available to coach at horse shows on her schedule or give clinics by request.

Introductory Local Show Program

If you are new to the horse show world, Country Lane Farm’s Introductory Local Show Program is a great introduction to horse shows.

Along with learning within our established curriculum, Country Lane Farm hosts holiday events, Schooling Shows and special fun days. For those interested in competing, Country Lane attends local shows such as Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre Show Series, which offer everything from walk/trot to jumping classes at 2’9″.

When you show with County Lane Farm, our entire team works to make your experience seamless so you can focus on giving your best performance.  Showing includes:

  • Expert ringside coaching
  • Professionally schooling and showing your horse
  • Management of all show logistics and entries
  • Impeccable care and full-service grooming for your horse
  • Safe transportation for your horse

Come meet Channay, view our facility and discuss your riding goals. She is always happy to answer questions.

Now Accepting new Riders and Horses

Channay is more than happy to help you set future goals and develop a training & competition program to meet them. Contact Channay at 604-880-8867.

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