Country Lane Farm undoubtedly is one of the top hunter breeding stallions in Canada today. Our stallion Westporte has made a tremendous mark in the hunter breeding and competition circles for many years. It was clear from the beginning of his career that the Hunter arena was where he was going to make his mark.

Scope, Style, and Movement

Not only does Westporte’s pedigree contain some of the most well known names in European breeding, but he also has the style and temperament sought after in a top show hunter.

The most remarkable quality about this incredible stallion is not his classic good looks or his stunning athletic ability, it is his personality.  He is by far one of the kindest, sweetest horses you will ever meet.  He loves to make a personal connection with everyone who comes in contact with him.  “Teddy”has an undeniable presence, and mare owners have said time and again that he is passing this intangible quality along to his foals.

We encourage you to come for a visit to meet him yourself!

Centre Pointe

Centre Pointe is an imported performance proven hunter stallion. He is brave and steady with a lovely rhythmical canter. He has a fabulous work ethic and is a pleasure to ride. He is shown successfully in the hunter rings both by professionals showcasing that he can navigate a challenging and spooky course while maintaining a consistent hunter way of going.

If you are looking to produce a good looking and amateur friendly hunter that will also be the winner in the professional divisions, Centre Pointe is an excellent choice.