Meet Channay Lloyd

Channay Lloyd is Country Lane Farm’s Head Trainer and Stallion Manager. Channay’s life with horses started at a very young age. She has been honoured with World Champion Hunter Rider Awards and top placings in equitation and Grand Prix’s. As a junior rider, Channay had a very successful junior career, dominating the equitation, hunter and jumper divisions with championships all over Canada and the USA. She rode in her first Grand Prix at the young age of 16 and has piloted young hunters and jumpers to year end awards. Channay has been taught and mentored by some of the top professionals in Canada and the U.S. She has a well-rounded education in the hunters, jumpers and equitation ring.

Channay’s teaching style is enthusiastic and positive with an emphasis on building confidence.  She educates, motivates and inspires her students. Whether piloting a pre green hunter to a winning round, or working with a wide variety of students and horses, Channay is a very hands-on professional. She conducts regular “Coach’s Corner” meetings to discuss each riders goals and work together to create a plan to achieve those goals.

She takes pride in being able to provide a business that is small enough that each horse gets individualized attention with an individual program depending on the horse, rider, and/or both. Riding with Channay is like riding in a clinic, and she places a huge emphasis on detail and correct basics – something very important for a successful equestrian.

Channay’s easy-going attitude is a valuable asset to any aspiring rider making her a great partner to work and win with. She has successfully trained both junior and adult amateur riders providing them the means to attain any competitive achievement.  Channay has a knack for picking the perfect horse for a rider looking to lease or buy and matching the right horse with the right rider looking to take lessons.

Meet Darlene York

Darlene York is the founder of Country Lane Farm and is our breeding specialist with over 40 years experience breeding horses. Darlene hand picks hunter broodmares of superior quality and selects the best stallion for each mare.  She has bred many hunter breeding BYH at Devon, Sallie B. Wheeler champions and International Hunter Futurity winners.

Darlene is consistently in the top 10 breeder of both line and performance hunters with United States Equestrian Federation. Her foals have won at Devon, Upperville, and Warrenton on the line and have been performance winners at Wellington and circuit champions at Thermal, California. Darlene has an incredible eye for conformation and has hand selected some of North America’s top hunter stallions including Westporte, and Centre Pointe. Her stallions have been named stallion of the year by the international hunter futurity multiple years in a row. Darlene believes to get good results you need to breed like to like and the best to the best.

meggy de jong

Meet Meggy De Jong – Rider

Meggy De Jong joined the Country Lane team in fall of 2017. She brings a European flavour and connections in both Holland and Germany. As professional in Europe she has piloted young horses to the top of the jumping sport. Her junior career included top placings in International Jumping CSI-1* and Class Z and ZZ at Karpendonk, Brabant and many top shows in the Netherlands.

Meggy’s riding style is soft and patient. Her hunter ring debut produced Championships in competitive professional divisions. Meggy adds a versatile component to our team with experience at the heart of show jumping in Europe.

Meet Julie Miller

Julie Miller has many years experience working with both small and large animals. She is one of two vet techs we have available on site as well as our riding school and tiny tot expert. With over 40 years in the horse business she is a valuable asset to our team. Her specialty is teaching kids and the everyday care of each horse.

Julie takes pride in every detail relating to the farm which includes stallion collection, mare insemination and foaling. She has worked with the top vets in BC and is well versed in horse health care.

Julie’s upbeat attitude while teaching kids makes it a fun and memorable experience. She specializes in beginner walk trot canter and tiny tot lessons.